Jessica Flanigan Transformational Eating

AIP Diet EatingHelp your clients learn to finally heal their relationship with food, going beyond the mind into the heart through the power of Self-Compassion.

Your clients struggle to find peaceful relationships with food – some very obviously, but many others almost silently.

Though smart, savvy, and motivated, they hop from restrictive diet to restrictive diet – AIP, Paleo, Wahls, Vegan, etc. – in search of the perpetually elusive “hope.” If and when those fall short, they adopt anti-diet culture or focus on “positive mindset,” all while dabbling with Intuitive Eating.

In the process, their level of restriction, fear, and/or hypervigilance associated with food escalates dramatically. Food becomes a – perhaps the – central topic in their lives and wraps itself around their every emotion, thought, and word.

Transformational Eating is an 8-week program that equips you with a new set of skills in support of your clients. Rooted in the healing power of Self-Compassion, this virtual course helps you explore and reframe the “Why?” at the very center of your clients’ food discord: Belief systems and safety structures.

By redirecting your work through their hearts, rather than minds, our work together will help you teach your clients deeper healing that brings abundance and peace.

  • Course Details:
  • Live classes (virtual) - 8 weeks, 2 hours per week
  • Intimate class size
  • 60-page workbook
  • Custom meditations & Energy exercises
  • Sample practitioner/client sessions
  • Cost $500

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Through Transformational Eating, learn:

To identify and appreciate the substantive role that beliefs and emotions play in informing your clients’ relationships with food.

The power of Self-Compassion to help your clients reframe and change their existing belief systems about food.

A step-by-step process to understanding who your clients’ “Inner Eater” is and how Self-Compassion can transform the role it has in their lives.