Transformational Eating Support Group

Transformational Eating 6-Week Support Group

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Are you struggling with symptoms of Disordered Eating or Orthorexia from a diet you have been on to heal disease?

How much time do you spend focused on thinking about food and what you can eat? 

Do you feel that the only way to heal your disease is by controlling food?

Have you lost all joy in food and feel controlled by how you have to eat to heal? 

Do you feel paralyzed and depressed by the thought of how you will manage your diet while also having a disease for the longterm? 

Do you feel like you don’t have a say in how to heal and no one understands your experience? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this program is for you. 

This is incredibly common in my practice and many are silently suffering. Restrictive diets are now quite mainstream, yet there are almost no resources available that are specific for those diagnosed with chronic disease who are on a restrictive diet and struggling emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I have created a 6-week online support group and self-guided class in response to the overwhelming feedback I have gotten from clients and my online group and social media. 

The class includes the following: 

6 online support group calls (limit is 6-8 per group)

Sacred Heart & Color Meditation

Video summary for each week

Private Inner Eater Support Group on Facebook

Access to Jessica to ask questions

Workbook for exercises for self-study each week

*NOTE: Participants are required to purchase workbook on Amazon for a small fee.

Email Jessica directly to schedule a discovery call you are interested in signing up: 

For six weeks we will explore three main areas as a starting point for

Transformational Eating™ and its principles:

  • The Inner-Eater
  • Beliefs
  • Self-Forgiveness

The first area we explore will be examining is what the Inner-Eater is to you, what kind of relationship you have with it, and the role it has in your life. A series of interactive questions will lead you to this inquiry.

The second part of this class will look at Beliefs. We will explore the role of beliefs in your life, personal history, and the role beliefs have in your health, as well as how beliefs interact with your Inner-Eater.

The third part of this class will introduce Self-Forgiveness: what it is, how it works, how it interacts with Beliefs and your Inner-Eater.

We will join together for six weeks in multiple ways: weekly online meetings as a group, videos you watch at your leisure that will expand upon each week’s curriculum, meditations, and Facebook group posts. Combining these will provide the best experience for this class.

How is this class different than other disordered eating classes/groups? Our time together adds a component not found in other programs: Your loving is the tool to change what you have decided about healing, health, safety, nourishment, and worth.

The side effects of not being fully connected to any misunderstandings you may hold are dysregulation of some kind and the symptoms listed above. I have found this approach to be the most direct way to heal what we have decided about ourselves that is untrue. Dysregulation in the body, mind, and emotions are side effects of this process.

Dysregulation works, however, because even if it is not optimal, we were able to survive and protect our hearts. Together we will take a journey to love the parts that hurt as an effective safety tool.


  1. To sign up, message Jessica to set up a discovery call 
  2. Cost: $450
  3. Start Date: November 1, 2019
  4. Live Class Dates Mondays 5-7pm PST: November 4, 11, 18, 25 December 2, 9™


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