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Ultimately, life always leads us to where we need to go. And whether it takes 100 years or 3 minutes, the universe is supporting whatever timeline you choose. So really, you can’t ever lose.  Let me re-phrase that: we are the only ones judging the timing of our life. Let that sink in for just a moment. We are the only ones judging the timing of our lives; how quickly we get better or how fast we awaken to our divinity. The universe knows that we awaken, we awaken. No need to rush the unfolding of our hearts. You and your loving towards yourself is a masterpiece the angels lay in wait for. And when that moment happens, and we awaken to our own magnificence, I do believe the heavens rejoice. But, guess what? The heavens don’t use stopwatches. There is no agenda about how fast we travel toward our own wisdom or how fast we heal or how many times we stop and start a diet. No matter first or last place, angels sit on the sidelines loving us awake. But how is this related to your healing? Well, there are A LOT of messages, experts and paths out there to choose from. And every moment we have in our life, we get to choose what we want to participate in. I humbly suggest patience, going beyond right/wrong and embracing your own inner teacher first. I suggest choosing that path because it does not produce againstness which prevents healing. Healing happens when we connect with our wholeness. We are already whole, and illness is here to help us understand that.

Here is an example: Molly is deciding whether or not she wants to start the AIP diet. She skims popular AIP websites and sees lots of messages like “warrior, survivor, and no excuses.” She wonders if she is made of the right stuff for AIP. Because this isn’t Molly’s first rodeo. She has started diets and failed a number of times.  And, she knows that she hates her psoriasis and Hashimoto’s more than anyone else on the planet. She knows she wants it to go away. And she is scared of failing again. So she puts on her proverbial AIP running shoes and gets to work hoping this time she is sick and tired enough to stick to AIP. Because it is work it is, right? Well, yes and no. Here are common examples of different choices we are offered in the supermarket of healing (aka healing websites, blogs, e-courses etc). No excuses. Be brave. Find your Strength. Be a Warrior. Only trust certain sources. Try Not to Mess Up. And isn’t it wonderful we are offered so much to choose from? Here is a clue we are on the right track of finding a good healing program in the midst of so many messages: What aligns with your heart will feel good. When you lay out all the choices of healing paths, ask yourself which one feels best to your heart. 

The right healing will align with your heart

When I feel any kind of pressure like being scolded for ‘making excuses’ for healing or having to choose a right/wrong standard to uphold to, I will keep walking down the grocery aisle of choices. Because when you are ready you are ready. Healing happens in your heart first, then blooms into an action plan that aligns with your values and your core wants. Not the other way around. Real, true, big healing always starts in your heart. Everyone has heard about the story of the man with heart disease that “got healthy” and reversed it. Or the person that lost 200 pounds on a diet. But did they heal their hearts? Did they resolve the place inside of themselves that was behind the issue to begin with? Usually not. So our antibodies go down and we resolve fatigue on AIP. But the whole of us is not healed in that scenario. Only a part of us is. There is a place still calling out to you where the knot of what ails you started. And usually that is not a physical place; it is a memory, belief, event, circumstance or situation.

I have been doing this work long enough to know what we can’t diet ourselves into peace. We cannot eat our way into joy. We cannot cure our way into love. But what we can do, is get hip to what is right in front of us. We can accept today. We can sink into this exact moment where all the loving, flaws, mess-ups and beauty that our humanness contains. When we come to the place of “I am going to love the person inside of myself that cannot stick to a diet” then we will come closer to sticking to the diet.

Healing your Hashimoto’s is not about willpower. It is not about strength. It is not about the right healing diet. Healing your Hashimoto’s is about believing you are worth your own healing. It is about accepting all your bright and shiny parts ALONG WITH the dark shadows and underbelly of pain that has happened in your life equally.

All the healing you are looking for will not come out of trying hard enough. That is not to say eating AIP is not hard work. It is. But how you feel about that hard work is the gateway to wisdom. If you are resentful of the hard work on AIP, you won’t heal. If you are angry about your disease and keep turning away from the powerful message your anger has, changing your diet will ultimately not work. How you feel about your circumstances will set you free or keep you in chains. And while many will promote being a ‘warrior’ and identify themselves as a warrior of some kind, it is not your only option. Being a ‘warrior’ is part of uncovering what works and doesn’t so can’t be discounted. I am not saying being a warrior is wrong and being loving is right. I am suggesting that you have options of wholeness available at your fingertips at any given moment. Accepting what is present in your life is an option. And when you consider wholeness through love, it offers a rapid path to curing what ails you.

So here is another scenario for Molly:

Molly decides to try AIP. But before she changes her diet, she makes a decision to sits with her sadness and see what information she can find there. She stops running away from her suffering. She walks through the timeline of her life and decides to consider the most painful moments of life unfolding as messages of knowledge about how she feels about herself and her circumstances. She finally allows herself to be broken open about her father leaving the family when she was 9 years old and the belief she created from that moment that she was not loveable. She recalls the boyfriends in college that treated her poorly and her willing participation in those relationships because she thought that was all she deserved. She saw the overachieving traits she developed in her 30’s to cover up her fears of never feeling good enough. She clearly saw the unfolding of what she made up about life as a life preserver to protect her from the harshness of life. She saw her belief that life consistently let her down and at the bottom of that belief was how control was the only way to soothe this. She went there first. And then she went on AIP. And it was hard. And she did mess up a few times. But when she messed up, she was able to use the whole of herself and her spirit to be a cheerleader. Healing was equal parts looking at the beliefs she made up about life that limited her and participating in a new diet. She resonated with love this time around. She resonated with wholeness and noticed that this time the diet seemed almost effortless and she did not resent all the hard work that went along with AIP. She had no need to take the warrior stance she had for all those years. No need to fight anymore. Peace for her father came as she examined the choices she had made all of those years for survival. She realized she always did the best she could in the hostile environment of feeling alone and not worthy. Finally, it all unraveled and she found the calm inside of her story. It had never been about fighting or strength. It has always been about loving.




  1. Amy

    Once again, nail on the head! I always felt uncomfortable with words like, brave, strength and warrior. I don’t want to fight my AI, I want to understand and be forgiving for and to it. Your words are so perfect in helping me get there. They are always a great reminder, “Oh, yea, that’s right, I am worth it!” “Remind me again, why do I still believe otherwise?” Thank you Thank you Thank you. Sending much love….

    • Jessica

      Amy! I love this! Thank you so very much!!! xx-jessica

  2. Kelly

    Hi! I just stumbled across your site after looking for meal ideas on Instagram. I honestly had no idea something like this even existed?! You are so inspiring and touched something inside me! I’ve had hashimoto’s thyroid disease for over 20 years, have celiac disease, and have recently been trying to overcome anxiety/panic attacks. Does this diet truly help to heal and overcome all these? Where do I start, do you have a book? Many thanks!

    • Jessica

      Hi Kelly! So glad you are here! Yay! My book is coming out in October. You can preorder it on amazon. It is much like many of the posts I have here…The Loving Diet is about using everything to lift and using our life; both struggles and triumphs to build wisdom. The work I do with clients is both the clinical nutrition piece and helping other come into cooperation with illness by examining what gifts it is bringing forward. I love the loving approach because it starts from where you are, and uses the resources inside yourself to construct a health care plan instead of relying on trying to find the ‘right healing path’ outside of ourselves… xx-jessica

  3. Amy Ayers

    I just read this post and one sentence really struck me……”How you feel about your circumstances will set you free or keep you in chains. ”

    I’ve been dealing with a foot injury for 2 months now, one that just won’t heal. In a follow up with my podiatrist yesterday, I was given a walking boot to wear for the next 2 weeks. While it really does suck having my activity level so limited in the past 2 months and now even more so with my walking boot, it’s just something that I have to accept. And if I don’t, I’m never going to heal. Reading this post a week after you wrote it was perfect timing for me. Thank you.

    • Jessica

      HI Amy! Wearing a boot has it’s downsides for sure. But when we use stumbling blocks as stepping stones, then the next 2 weeks could be the skies opening up and you getting some cool ideas, inspiration or self-care. Glad this resonated with you. sending healing love to your foot. xx-jessica


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