SIBO Protocol Updates with Dr. Joe Smith and Jessica Flanigan (Video)

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Dr. Joe Smith from Atlas Health and I share our updated SIBO protocols for 2017!


  1. Shonna

    It would be so great to have this content as a downloadable podcast. I am never ever able to sit down and watch two people talking. About to get on a plane and would love to listen to this.

    • Jessica

      Great idea! I will have to see if it is easily done. Podcasts require editing, so it is a process I go through to publish it. These live broadcasts are simple and I can post the same day. But I will see if there is an easy way. thank you for the suggestion.

  2. Terri F

    Hello! I’m lately exploring self-hypnosis and its ability to impact GI health. Fascinating thread! Good statistics on some functional GI issues, which may be categorized under SIBO symptoms for some people.

    Enjoyed listening to your video. Good job!

    • Jessica

      Hi Terri! Self-hypnosis is a great idea. It reaches over into the unconscious. Let me know how it goes! Hugs, Jessica

  3. Renee Zavislak

    Dr. Joe Smith is my doctor — thank gods. He is a total genius. Listen to him! Likewise, I am now in Stage 3 of The Loving diet, and as I type am eating one of Jessica’s recipes (broccoli meatloaf!). Her diet and Joe’s brain have very literally saved my life. I had undiagnosed celiac with the extra bonuses of a brain asymmetry, adrenal fatigue, and SIBO. I had seen 20 doctors (western, traditional docs) over ten years to address horrible chronic nerve pain, chronic body aches, GI issues, and migraines. Dr. Joe figured out what was going on in one visit. Since then he has, along with Jessica’s protocol (which, I’m not going to lie, was tough but clearly very necessary) literally eliminated the migraines I had suffered every day — EVERY DAY — for two months by the time I got to him, and the nerve pain in my spine has been gone for months. Pending the results of my test last week, we think my SIBO is gone. My stomach has finally flattened after looking 7 months pregnant for a year. I was vegan for decades and had to give that up to heal; it was sad, it was hard, and it worked. There are many challenges to adhering to the treatment, for sure. There were days when I wept simply because I missed fruit. There were days when I raged because I couldn’t find a restaurant where I could eat, because I forgot my food and found myself with nothing to eat at work, because I was so tired of supplements and pain and all of it. And then, other times, Jessica’s idea that there are gifts in this experience took over. Last week I allowed myself to have one cup of black tea in the morning; I drank it so slowly, every sip an absolute joy, having to reheat it 3 times to keep it warm. I don’t think I have ever had such a mindfully enjoyed beverage in my life. And this is a metaphor for the overall change to my way of moving through the world now: more slowly, with intention, savoring every sip, moment, pain-free breath. It’s easy and tempting to be skeptical when we don’t want to make changes: giving up food was particularly triggering for me, a recovered anorexic. Believe me, I have had and still have moments of anger, despair, you name it. But I cannot understate how RIGHT Dr. Joe is, always, and how comforting it is to know that if I relapse, if my symptoms flare up, I have Joe’s tools and Jessica’s protocol to get me back on track. I have done everything Joe has told me to, because he has been right every. single. time. So Jessica’s protocol was a no-brainer. Huge blessings, both of them…Despite my verbosity I don’t even have the words to describe my gratitude. I say again: Listen to them! You won’t be sorry!

  4. Renee Zavislak

    oops – i meant i can OVERSTATE, not understate. important difference. 🙂

  5. Amber

    Hi there,
    I am watching your video and perhaps you talk about it but what do you feel about LDN?
    Thanks! 🙂


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