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I practice a specialized form of functional and clinical nutrition with a heavy focus on microbiome restoration and I have been doing this for many years. I have had the honor of working with thousands of people searching for long lasting change who are also looking to go beyond restrictive diets, l glutamine to heal the gut and the generic probiotics they see in stores. Many of my clients find me after working with numerous traditional and alternative practitioners. I meet you where you are at and take into consideration your biochemical processes along with the emotional relationship you have with your circumstances. I do this through advanced testing and supplement protocols along with loving support. I specialize in pediatric microbiome restoration and autoimmune supporting functional nutrition.

I offer complimentary 15 minute calls to answer any questions you may have about working together and use an easy to navigate online scheduling system. I also maintain a virtual practice to accommodate my clients from around the world.


Nutrition & Health Coaching

Individual appointments focused on helping heal without restriction, using advanced functional nutrition testing and novel microbiome restoration techniques.


Transformational Eating

Harness the power of your own compassion to heal the relationship you have with food in my 6-week online support group.


Spiritual & Life Coaching for Disordered Eating

Often and after many years of working with others, I have found that my client’s belief systems drive much of the physiological, emotional and spiritual dysfunction they are experiencing. Much of the time, they don’t know what it is they believe or how that may be thwarting the progress they are striving for in their healing. I use a very effective and straightforward technique that helps my clients uncover what the vibrational based belief system is so that they can clear it through self-forgiveness. It is a wonderful adjunct to supplements, testing and diets and often overlooked by other (well-meaning) practitioners. I consider it to be instrumental to healing and even wrote a book about it called The Loving Diet.


Spiritual Coaching Training

Why be vulnerable? How can you clear beliefs? What is the nature of healing? I am the co-founder of the Institute of Spiritual Coaching. We offer 3 six-month modules to become trained to have a compassion-based practice for health care practitioners and individuals interested in expanding their own healing work. While it seems rather intuitive to do this work, humans often have agendas about how to heal the “right” way and their own belief systems that create distortions in the natural field that forms with practitioner and client. Dr. Charmayne Kilcup and I expertly guide you to heal your own beliefs about life and loving and show you how to create a container of healing for yourself and others built on true unconditional loving. It is deeply transformative, very supportive and previous classes have formed lifelong friendships. Click here for more information and class schedule.

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