How To Regulate Your Body During Political Upheaval

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How to Regulate Your Body During Political Upheaval

How To Regulate Your Body During Political Upheaval

Political upheaval is just one of the many things that can draw us out of our center. Our center is the place we find homeostasis, peace and balance in our energetic body. When that is disrupted, the physical body follows.

Could it be that we are being asked to deepen our connection to ourselves in the current political upheaval? I think so. No matter what your religion, political affiliation or social values, this could apply. Pretty much my entire client population has brought this seemingly unrelated subject of politics affecting their health, so  I am writing this to pass along some ideas and tips that may be useful to more easily come back to your center if you are pushed out of it. The deeper work, is that beyond politics, we are being given the opportunity to widen our ability to find the calm in a storm. What a wonderful gift!

Confusion and fear is the hallmark to dysregulation. So we are given the opportunity to broaden the vessel inside ourselves for loving, brought to you by chaos in the world. And btw..I did not say this would be easy. The unfolding of a more loving planet may appear as disruption, chaos, injustice while old ways are falling apart, so more loving ways come forward. It is a process that asks deep trust of us to let the unfolding happens. It is easy to get nervous about this. Depending on what side of the political fence you sit on, this may be seen as the system becoming better or worse. And that is where we humans quibble with each other.

I am going to share a life-changing moment with you from a teacher of mine. A simple statement he said that changed how I do life. And it is the key to how I regulate my body during any upheaval. He said only one thing will be asked to us after death when we enter into the kingdom of Heaven:

Did You Learn To Be Loving?

So, if you stay there, and I mean REALLY stay there in that question “Did You Learn To Be Loving,” anything that is happening around you, is assisting your capacity to be loving. Continually asking this question will draw you into your heart (not your mind) as you use your love as the internal reference point for the external experience you are having. So when the world around you gets really uncomfortable, and humans do horrible things to each other, we can apply this.

  1. Ask “Did You Learn To Be Loving” when you feel pulled out of your center.
  2. Asking this question requires you to use the measure of your heart and loving to answer it, so the action of it immediately pulls you into your heart space (out of the mind) as your resource
  3. During political chaos, there are many things geared to distract you. That is both the point and the problem (the point is to strengthen your ability to find your center) Becoming conscious that you are distracted is key however. Just that small re-frame can be powerful.
  4. Engage in news stories less. Be present to what you love most in the world first, and to news less. Make that a conscious intent.
  5. Try Ho’oponopono with all the people you feel triggered by. Reconciliation through living Love, Ho’oponopono is one the most powerful ways to transform your relationship with challenging people. Say silently: “I am so sorry we had to do it this way. Please forgive me. I love you. I love myself” (sidenote: some days I do this 50 or 60 times)

Anything we encounter is both the teacher to do this, and the measure to do this loving work.  Of course we may see religious, political and cultural leaders telling us how wrong the other side is, and what the “right’ way to be is. But even this kind of challenge can be helpful to grow us. Why? Ultimately we may be able to work together and love one another after we get so sick of fighting each other. Sound familiar? So many people contact me because they are sick and tired of fighting against their disease. I see the stage of life widening to include more to work out from a loving perspective. It is not easy work, but it is useful. We use our loving hearts to decide how we treat others. Using LOVE as a yardstick of how we want to live our life is an ACTION. Loving is not passive. We can be present for what is happening our world, and be kind to others at the same time. I am suggesting this to my crowd because it can help our bodies regulate better.

I am going to be clear here that I am first in line that I don’t get this right a lot. Even in my own family, there is such a political divide over what is fair, right and American that is makes me tear up. But in this, I get to decide to love me, them and us doing what we all feel aligned to do. The bonus is when I get pulled into the fray of political upheaval, I get so upset that the only place left is inside of myself. There I can examine if my response is a loving one. We are currently in a divinely formed setup for our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies to grow under pressure.

One of the best yardsticks for this work are the words of Jesus:  “Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself.” As far as I can discern, every soul on the planet is included in that commandment.  Am I loving the politicians that have been elected? Am I loving myself? Am I loving? See, the classroom of Love gets opened up, quietly, even as it looks like things are falling apart. Loving does not mean agreeing however. Loving means accepting what is present as an opportunity of growth. When we see the radical stories of families forgiving (which is an act of Loving) someone who murdered a family member on the nightly news or Oprah, it does not condone the action. It does not give permission for such an action. But it does release all parties into freedom. I am saying the same thing here. Acceptance and Forgiveness is a form of Loving. And we can do those things AND still have our opinions, marches and votes. We just do them from a place that speaks from the place in our heart and honors how others choose what feels right for them.

That means for me personally, that any faith, religion, deed, transgression is worthy of forgiveness, not persecution. And this ESPECIALLY applies to myself. Anything that is in my reality, is here to assist with this process. So if I stand up in protest, did I do it from a loving place? If I comment on facebook, did I do it from a loving place? If I voted, did I do it from a loving place? If I make laws, did I do it from a loving place? If I talk to the fedex driver, did I do it from a loving place? Did I love my neighbor as myself? Or did I punish them? We are in a ‘back to basics Love exercise’ in America right now. Even going to the grocery store or flying on an airplane is becoming a potential political argument.

Everyone will have their own experience with this. The power in this exercise I am suggesting is in our ability to love no matter what. And I make no bones about it being difficult. Love ourself and love others as yourself. The deeper work here, is that we will have an experience with how much we love ourselves as this question comes up. Our own shadows what we think is broken inside of ourself will come out of this political firestorm we are currently experiencing. Love loves us so much that it will do this on behalf of the growth of our soul.

Learning To Be Loving is an exercise of wholeness. We are being asked to love ourselves and others under all circumstances.

Here is a simple list to keep in mind:

  1. Take “Did I Learn To Be Loving” to heart each day
  2. The issue is the way out. We are expanding our ability to love in this current climate
  3. Love the parts that feel hurt, betrayed, triggered and scared
  4. Have a LOVE LIST like taking a bath, watching an old movie, calling a friend
  5. Be gentle with yourself and your humanness. Intention counts. Perfection doesn’t.
  6. You have a friend in me. Know there are others doing this work of growing their capacity to love one another

I would love to know how this goes for you. Some days I find this harder than others. I like this path because it does not make anyone wrong. You can be whatever political party or religion you want and still practice this. Learning to love all of our pieces is a valuable exercise. As we love those pieces (even the most broken, sad and hurt ones) transformation happens. I look at this current climate as an opportunity to do this work. In myself and others.

I love you.


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