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The beautiful Harbin Hot springs!

The beautiful Harbin Hot springs!


A perfect retreat for those on the Autoimmune Protocol looking to move deeper into what ails them through The Loving Diet Program


After being asked by many of my Autoimmune Paleo/The Loving Diet clients, I organized and planned a restorative, nurturing and love-filled weekend to help those on AIP to increase the resources available for healing. I choose a hot spring resort because it is beautiful and relaxing. I also hired a private-chef nutritionist from Bauman College to prepare and provide elimination phase AIP meals so we can be together and focus on your new road map of healing and eat without worry. I planned the weekend for you that I wished for myself when I started my own AIP Journey.

Because I do intuitive work with my clients, I decided to keep this group rather small (10 divinely guided participants!) so everyone would have lots of time to share and explore. This will most likely be one of the very few retreats I organize that will be this small and intimate, so if you are considering coming, keep that in mind. Harbin Hot springs has limited housing so book sooner rather than later to get a spot there! There is also VRBO options locally.

Below is an explanation of the workshop and also a link to the Eventbrite Tickets and more information here.

You can of course contact me directly at with other questions.


The Loving Diet/AIP Workshop

Saturday January 17th 11:30am – Monday the19th 11:00am  (MLK weekend!)

This workshop will focus around clear and direct ways to evolve the Autoimmune Paleo Diet as well as incorporate a new approach to illness from a loving place. When we come into cooperation through loving what ails, we create an opportunity in both in our body and mind for healing. When we develop skills to increase self-compassion and tenderness toward ourselves and our circumstances, life transforms itself to meet you with joy, abundance and health. For many people this can create leaps in their health journey. For others it is a calm acceptance that creates more space for joy.

Using your illness as an ally rather than an obstacle will be the major theme we will discuss together. You will learn practical ways to do this in a nurturing, warm environment. This workshop will take place at the beautiful Harbin Hot springs. Specially made AIP meals will be included in the cost of the workshop. This is a small, intimate group of 10 participants to maximize individual focus.



In this workshop we will discuss these themes:

1. practical ways to dissolve held beliefs that have taken root in the body as leaky gut and disease

2. active loving as a rapid form of healing (heart/loving driven Epigenics)

3. how to come into cooperation with suffering and adversity and why it has advantages to your autoimmune disease

4. why grace is disguised as illness

5. trusting the timing of your disease and what is coming forward (like the AIP Diet) to help you manage it

6. How the Autoimmune Paleo diet can work for your benefit by helping you to align with your inner-teacher

7. A General Q&A for resolving any nutritional questions specific for you while on AIP

8. Tests and Supplements integral to helping nutritional components related to Autoimmune Disease


Practical exercises included in this workshop:

active loving meditation

sharing our history in a group format to re-frame our circumstances

exercises to dissolve held beliefs that are limiting the joy and health in our lives

This workshop is being held at the beautiful and relaxing resort of Harbin Hot springs. A wonderful place for growth. Each person will have full access to all the amenities the hot springs has to offer, its many pools and places to soak. I picked this special place to help facilitate the healing for each participant as well a provide a spa-like atmosphere. 



  1. Catharina Delmarcel

    This sounds like heaven! And looks like it too… I love the list of topics you will be working on. So great to see heart inspired healing.

    I’ve been living an AIP life for over a year now in order to heal my Hashimoto’s and Adrenal Fatigue, with great success. Changing my mindset an perspective about illness and healing was the first and the biggest step I took. The healing process is continuously teaching me things about myself, my relationships to others and my purpose in life. That has been as valuable as all of the medical facts that I have learned.

    Enjoy the workshop, I’d come if I didn’t live on the other side of the globe 😉

    • Jessica

      Hi Catharina! Well you will be there with us in spirit then! xo-jessica. ps..and soon enough I will come to your side of the world to teach there too 🙂

  2. Annette

    Jessica, I would love to attend the workshop. However, I am not able due to the distance and work. I live in Georgia and could only attend during the summer. Will you have another workshop in June or July 2015? Thank you, Annette K.

    • Jessica

      Hi Annette! I will be launching more, yes. I don’t have all my dates picked out but will be posting them as I organize them. Looking forward to meeting you at one! xoxo-jessica

  3. Donna Bailey

    Would love something like this. Maybe next fall / winter, when I finish with schooling.. (30 years after high school graduation.. at age 48) went back to school.. for medical billing and coding. I would love to get away.. and be able to focus on healing.
    I will have to keep a look out for dates next year. It would be awesome.. AWESOME.. to be able to just go somewhere .. where it’s all about healing. A Healing, Healthy for ME.. vacation would be a dream come true.
    Wow.. just relaxing thinking about it. (I pictured a Mountain Cabin (with amenities) We have a “stand up” shower wishing right now a relaxing, stress reducing soak in a tub…. Ahhhhh..
    Well, with that thought… I hope I can be part of one next year.

    • Jessica

      Don’t worry Donna! More are coming! 🙂 Will look forward to seeing you at one! xo-jessica

  4. Sarah

    Please put me on a list to contact when you have a retreat on the East Coast. I live in New England, but I’m willing to travel.

    • Jessica

      Hi Sarah! Great I will put you on my email list for workshops! xo-jessica

  5. khough

    Jessica, I would love to be put on a list for upcoming retreats such as this. Thank you for baring your soul and sharing these amazing insights to helps others in their healing journey. Sincerely, Karen

  6. Heidi Randall

    I have just started my SIBO journey and would love any information you have to share

  7. Jessica

    Jessica, please do another retreat like this! Or if you know of another similar experience, please let us know.


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