Love Is Medicine Level 1 Practitioner Training

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Love Is Medicine Level 1

6/10-6/12 Berkeley, CA

I get a number of emails from healers, nutritionists, coaches and practitioners asking how I do the work I do and where to train for it. The simple answer is that the work I do is incredibly specialized, so there is no specific place to study it. However, to honor others who feel the stirrings in their heart to offer compassion-based care in their practice, I have created Love Is Medicine Level 1.

So many have contacted me and asked where they can learn to use compassion as a clinical tool. In an effort to address this demand, I have co-created a curriculum that teach skills of compassion and vulnerability which start with the practitioner, and are then applied to client relationships.  Experiential learning that includes the philosophy that illness is here to awaken us to something. Love Is Medicine Level 1 is a experiential training that does just this. I have found when we deeply honor our clients, (by honoring ourselves) healing happens. Love is Medicine Level I will teach participants how to access the unified field of loving. From wholeness we remember wholeness. It is incredibly exciting and is the program I have been developing over the last year since writing, The Loving Diet.  So, if you are called to deepen the loving inside of yourself and use it in a clinical setting, this training will answer that call.  By far I have seen the greatest strides in my client population when they work with a loving, compassionate practitioner and it is my deep love and calling to change health care from disease-based to love-based.

How then is this training different than reiki, energy work, intuitive medicine training, acupuncture meridians, tapping, EMDR and Somatic work? There may be a few overlaps. However, this program is designed specifically for those in the nutrition, coaching and healing world that are interested in working on a Soul level, which also encompasses the emotional, physical and spiritual body. I have not found a higher vibration than the soul level, so I am passing on very practical ways for you to access that energy yourself and add it to your skill set. It may seem a subtle difference between this program and others, but I have found it useful to be purposeful about the vibration I use in my healing practice. 

A common question I hear about conscious based healing is: “How do you develop a compassion based practice?”

My answer is: “I am vulnerable and compassionate with myself and we meet in the overflow. Love is then able to touch my clients and their journey.”

A few details about this training. This is very experiential. It is the first of many  practitioner trainings I will be offering with fellow healers in the coming months that will include online and in person trainings. It is intimate (we are only working with 15 students) to allow both an oversoul of the group to emerge and to allow each participant the time, energy and attention needed for their benefit. This is not a nutrition or AIP training. However, both Laurie and I are nutritionists and work with clients regularly, so will be speaking about nutrition and how to apply this work to your nutrition and healing practice. This class that will help you learn ways to connect on a more intimate level with clients, build a communication skill set that is loving-based and build internal resources inside of yourself that may help clients in a more profound way than food and supplements. 

Love Is Medicine Level 1 :

Day One: The role of vulnerability in a consciousness based healing practice

Day Two: Energetic skills for both you and your clients

Day Three: Why work with Love


Facilitated by: Jessica Flanigan, Clinical Nutritionist and Laurie da Silveira, M.A.

Jessica Flanigan: I am a clinical nutritionist who has worked with thousands of clients over the course of 20 years. I am the author of The Loving Diet which teaches mind-body skills to assist healing autoimmunity and suffering. I currently have a very busy Autoimmune Protocol practice and work with clients globally. I use a blend of clinical nutrition, soul-level energy work and biochemistry to help clients come into cooperation with what ails them. I have been studying with my spiritual teacher Robert Waterman EdD LPCC for over a decade. He has been a spiritual teacher for over 45 years and is the founder of Southwestern College in Santa Fe, NM and Noetic Field Therapy. Link to read more about my training and background.

Laurie da Silveira, M.A. :  Laurie began her journey inward when studying transpersonal psychology at Southwestern College in Santa, Fe, NM. There she met her spiritual teacher, Robert Waterman, EdD, LPCC 10 years ago. After completing her Masters degree, she traveled the world, is raising a daughter, and continues to study with Robert Waterman and Karey Thorne. She began her field in nutrition three years ago after experiencing her own health challenges and will soon be a graduate of Bauman College as a Nutrition Consultant. She now sees clients all around the country incorporating what she has learned in her spiritual practice into her nutrition consulting. She has experienced how the power of Love has transformed her healing journey and wants to share this with others. Laurie’s website is here.

Where and When:

June 10th, 11th, 12th  2016 (Friday-Sunday)

9;30 am -4:30 pm (we will break for lunch)

Anam Cara Healing Center in Berkeley

2915 Martin Luther King Jr. Way

Berkeley, CA 94703

cost: $350

Please email Jessica directly if you are interested in participating:


  1. Csilla Bischoff

    This is wonderful! I am hoping you will offer this via online so we can join in from anywhere. Thanks.

    • Jessica

      Hi Csilla! Yes, that is happening in the coming months. I will send it out via my newsletter/website and social media when that launches!

      • Mesha

        I would love to be in the loop!


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