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I LOVE workshops. I love going to them and facilitating them. Here is why they are so valuable. Energy builds in groups. Anyone who has been to a public sporting event can attest to this. I also see the biggest transformations and breakthroughs happen in a group setting. The second thing about workshops is you get to spend time with others who are in a similar situation as you. People continually say they feel less alone in their illness when they know they are not the only ones facing issues to help them grow. In light of this, I am going to be offering more workshops so more transformation can happen on the planet. The courage and fearlessness it takes for individuals to face and move through the difficulty of illness changes the world as rapidly as anything I can think of. I have two workshops coming up in May and June!

**NOTE: These workshops are small and intimate. I am keeping the group size to 10-12 participants so everyone can work with me individually within the context of the group**

San Francisco Workshop Details and Registration

The Loving Diet Workshop Details:

How do we make our life work for us instead of against us? 

Could the entire nature of disease actually be a gift? 

Could joy and abundance be yours in unlimited amounts despite the presence of illness? 

Could there be messages in your struggle that are stepping stones to joy? 

What is the role of forgiveness and held beliefs in relation to disease? 

How can a low-inflammatory diet like the Autoimmune Paleo Diet further your healing? How do we talk to our doctors and family about chronic illness? 

Lets gather together in a loving space and change how we approach our life. 

Join me to change the role illness has in your life.

Jessica has become sought out as a teacher’s teacher. Her intuition, compassion and decades-long experience allows her to quickly discern energetically what works for both clients and professionals and what is blocking them. While this workshop is not a professional training, she will introduce advanced healing techniques that transform energy, the physical body and limiting beliefs. The physical body manifesting disease is an end-stage progression of blocked joy. Because Jessica teaches on a soul level through love, transformation is widely available to participants if they choose it. Through loving, anything is possible, and we are met with joy, abundance and health through our efforts. When we believe nothing is an obstacle, everything becomes a wisdom-giver.

 In the Loving Diet Workshop, we will:

  • Gather together in a loving space and change how we approach our life
  • Create a road map through loving our struggles to turn obstacles into gift-givers
  • Share our story to re-frame our circumstances
  • Talk about Jessica’s new AIP diet that is in her upcoming book The Loving Diet
  • Dissolve held beliefs that are limiting the joy and health in our lives

Click on the link to get more information!

San Francisco Workshop June 6th and 7th

What people are saying about The Loving Diet:

What I know now, and what Jessica already knew then, is that I would always be sick as long as I was resentful. As long as I felt like a victim of my disease and treated myself like one, I could never really heal. I struggled with this betrayal of my health. I bristled at the idea of coming around to loving my body and my illness.

Still, I did hear what Jessica was gently trying to teach me, albeit reluctantly. I allowed the idea to tuck itself into my heart. And eventually, with Jessica’s help and through her truly insightful writing, I acknowledged this incredibly important tool to my recovery. I turned it all around and found acceptance and love.

Today I have such an enormous amount of gratitude for what I’ve been through that I want to laugh at my stubbornness. It feels so good to be able to do that too — to not feel dragged under by the weight of illness and instead feel light and happy. And I fully credit Jessica with this transformation. Thank you for everything! 



Jessica provides a deeply nourishing space that is grounded in knowledge and applicable tools coupled with an intuitive knowing that shifts one from ‘business as usual’ to transformation.  This approach provides real change. 
The combination of both spiritual awareness/ loving and applied skills is top notch and I give my whole-hearted recommendation for anyone looking to go deeper on their body-spirit journey. 



Jessica’s innate understanding of the relationship between disease and how we can make peace with it before we can heal, is mind blowing for me. she works with grace and love and compassion and kindness on the part of health that is not touchable and that no other practitioner has ever taken into account. her intuitive approach seems to be spot on every single time





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