How The Unconscious Can Affect Your Health

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“I want to heal my autoimmune disease” is a conscious thought. But, it turns out that science is understanding more and more that unconscious programming (from experiences in your life) drives how you will heal your autoimmune disease MORE than your conscious desire to heal. See study below that shows how your unconscious decides 7 seconds before your conscious mind does. Whoa.

So from this perspective, unless healing involves the unconscious and reprogramming of limiting beliefs it has, everything will feel like pushing a boulder up a mountain.

What modalities help unwind what the unconscious believes? You may be surprised that traditional CBT therapy is not my first choice to do this. I just don’t see it change core beliefs that are protected by the ego, basic self and unconscious. But others like EFT, Tapping and hypnosis can be somewhat useful. Here is where the power of Loving can be useful in the conversation. There is no place Loving cannot go, so pulling it in to assist the rewiring of what the unconscious believes is incredibly useful. I find that many unconscious beliefs we hold are about Loving in some way. Here are common ones I see:

God forgot about me
God is punishing me
The world is not safe
I have to pay for my sins
It takes a lot of work to heal 
I can’t depend on others
I can’t depend on the world
Life is against me
Loving will always let me down
Life will always let me down
I don’t deserve healing
I don’t deserve happy relationships
I am not a good person
I have to fix myself and my life
I am broken 
I have been cursed

We can use our own vulnerability, compassion and intention to change what our unconscious has decided so that what we want consciously (healing, abundance, wealth) is not thwarted by our safety mechanism called limited beliefs in the unconscious. We can do this with our own Loving Authority that lives inside of us right now. It needs to be called upon however because our own Loving Authority does not inflict against our wishes. (read: if you think you are doomed to fail, our high consciousness won’t supersede your choice to think that). In that regard, whatever diet or healing plan you go on will be colored by the beliefs you have, many of them you may not even be aware of. I see this as the main reason why people don’t progress as fast as they would like; they have powerful limiting beliefs that create distortions and until we engage the distortions with our own loving authority, they persist and it seems that our life is sabotaged from things we are not even aware of. This is why often in therapy if we only go as far as talking about our feelings and experiences, (but not any farther) we most likely won’t see a shift in how we experience life. This is why I am such a proponent of Unconditional Loving. We all have equal access to it, it can be a powerful healing tool of transformation, and it can be brought into any modality of healing. It is a vibration of harmony, wholeness and abundance. 
Would love to hear your thoughts on this! Does your healing path include this idea? If so, what have been your experiences with it?

And PS. I am a certified Noetic Balancer, so this is the core of my own training (disclaimer) and what I speak about in my book The Loving Diet. It is also the basis of the practitioner training I do in the Spiritual Coaching Certification program. Transformation through Love is my life’s work the basis of my nutrition practice and my own path. Nothing has come close to the power of my own loving to touch the places inside of myself as a healing tool. So, that is my way. But as long as practitioners operate out of a loving framework, it really does not matter what your title is IMO. So, Heartmath, therapy, reiki, working at a grocery store or being a kindergarten teacher. It is completely within reach to everyone.

This cool study that shows how the unconscious is making decisions on our behalf 7 seconds before we are conscious of it.


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