How I am preparing for a potential Coronavirus outbreak

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Supplements I am keeping on hand for Coronavirus….

I am not going to give a long commentary about the virus, or the media coverage. But, I have been speaking with friends and family and they have asked me if I am keeping any specific items on hand in case the virus becomes widespread. I bought masks weeks ago, but I wanted to be prepared with immune-supportive measures too. 

Below is the complete list of what I am keeping on hand for my family in case Coronavirus becomes an issue in our house. I have been slowly collecting these items over the last month, and I am sharing them here in case it may be helpful. All of these things are widely available and not overly expensive. My collection focuses on immune-supporting rather than immune-stimulating. Some folks have already asked about this. That is why I have not included things like echinacea or elderberry.

I would not consider this in lieu of treatment by a doctor. I am merely sharing the supportive measures I personally support if we are engaging in-home care. I have listed resources and studies at the end of this article. 

Note: this is not meant as medical advice or an alternative to treatment by a doctor or going to the hospital. I plan to do both if needed!


Nutrition Support: 

Ester or Liposomal  Vitamin C (500mg up to 5 times per day) (immune supportive) 

Alpha Lipoic Acid (250mg 1-2 times per day) (immune supportive) *note that in high doses this can be a natural heavy metal chelator. Skip this if you have heavy metal issues!

Cat’s Claw Nano by Quicksilver 350-450 mg per day (antiviral)

Resveratrol 250mg twice per day (immune supportive) 

note that resveratrol downregulated NF-kb which is implicated in lung inflammation. See these studies: 

“Inhibition of NF-κB-Mediated Inflammation in Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-Infected Mice Increases Survival”

“Curcumin and resveratrol inhibit nuclear factor-kappaB-mediated cytokine expression in adipocytes see study link below. (must copy and paste this link. Sorry!


Gut Support: 

This is my favorite probiotic, period. It is prescription strength and is SIBO and Histamine friendly. 

Bifido Maximus start with a small scoop in water before bed and work up to 1 big scoop in water before bed

Glutagenics by Metagenics: Good for gut Healing. ½ -1 scoop per day in water depending on size of the person. 


Chinese Medicine Support: (note: I use Kan herbals because they are made in the USA)

Both of these herbs have been studied for viral pneumonia. See the study below. I am not giving out dosages here because you should consult with your OMD. I  plan to start with 20 drops 3-6 times per day for me. Note: you can buy these formulas on

Li Fei Lung Support 

Qing Fei Clearing 

Li Fei Lung support is for clearing mucus. So, I plan to use it to clear mucous and not before. (Phelm arises from congealed dampness)

Qing Fei Clearing is for lung heat and fire symptoms. Think sticky mucous, red tongue with yellow coating. It is appropriate for when a cough has settled deep in the lungs and there is restlessness, agitation, and symptoms of heat like symptoms. 

Homeopathic Support: 

Aconite 200c. At the onset of symptoms (3 pellets every 4 hours for the first 24 hours) 


Banerji Protocol and here. This is a homeopathic protocol for viral pneumonia. I would plan on starting this as soon as someone has a cough. The goal is to prevent the virus from moving into the pneumonia stage. You can purchase these all on amazon. Please note that 200c and 6x designate potencies. 

Kali Carb 200c

Aconite (Aconitum Napellus) 200c + Bryonia 30c in alteration with Chelidonium majus 6x every 3 hours


Generally, I recommend mixing these in a glass of water and mixing it with a spoon until dissolved. Take a sip of water after stirring every 3 hours. That will allow your bottles to last longer. Stirring the remedies is important as it potentizes the remedies before drinking. *some say not to use a metal spoon. I do, but if you are worried about that canceling out the remedy, just shake in a bottle or jar. 


Food Support:

Fresh ginger juice 2oz. 2-4 times per day (keeping frozen) I bought a cheap juicer on Amazon for $25 to juice my organic ginger root and organic lemons. 

Note: You can buy ginger juice on amazon if making it yourself is not possible.

Bone and vegetable broth 4-6 cups per day for hydration (keeping frozen) *note also that I advise making your own vegetable and bone broth. I use 2 cups each of carrots, celery, onions, shitake mushrooms, zucchini, and 1/2 bulb garlic. I use 1 entire bunch of parley in my ‘sick’ broths because it is very high in potassium. * Whole foods carries inexpensive bones and chicken feet in their freezer section to make bone broth with. You can bone and vegetable broth together if you want. 



This book is GOLD!! Herbal Antivirals by Stephen Buhner (he has one called Herbal Antibiotics that is also FANTASTIC) I got the ginger juice protocol from his book. 


Two studies that show the use of Vitamin C in SARS and Coronavirus.



2019 Study of TCM for viral pneumonia


2017 Study using Resveratrol in MERS-CoV in-vitro


Alpha Lipoic Acid boosts glutathione, antioxidant, anti-viral



  1. j-f-a

    you might want to go to the hardware store and get some masks too.

    • Lele

      Hello! Thank you for the list.
      I have a question, do you recommend we start taking these now or if the outbreak starts near our home?

      • Jessica

        I have been taking vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic acid regularly, but I am not taking the other things until I need to. 🙂

  2. J

    Do you have any suggestions about this for pregnancy? Thank you!

    • Jessica

      Hi J! You would need to get all of these ideas approved by your doctor! -jessica

  3. David

    If you have a heavy metal problem, especially mercury, you may want to omit ALA which is one of the chelators used in the Andy Cutler chelation protocol.

    The reason is that it will seize the metals from wherever they are, often in bones, and make them mobile. Unfortunately, after a few hours it tends to drop them again, and the metals settle where they currently are. This may be somewhere more damaging, such as the brain or kidneys. The Cutler people call this redistribution of the metal.

    Given that people have bad reactions to quantities as small as a few mg, taking 250mg five times a day may make you feel very sick!

    • Jessica

      Hi David!
      I don’t have a heavy metal problem, but did reduce the dosage to help mitigate any potential issues for those who unwittingly take too high a dose and it becomes problematic. Thank you for taking the time to bring this to my attention! warmly, jessica

  4. Paparrazi

    Reference Liposomal AA- what brand do you use most, and are you currently taking only 500mg per day and would up that dose as suggested, should you be exposed or become ill? Or are you taking it 5x per day now? I’m currently using LipoNaturals Liposomal Vitamin C but recently ordered Quali-C by Drs Best.

    • Jessica

      I use Jarrow brand ALA. I reduced the dose here on this post because of the pretty big backlash from folks warning of its heavy metal chelating effects. (see a comment in this post about it). In acute phases of my own illnesses (viral) I used more. But, I don’t have heavy metals toxicity issues in my own health.
      Love the Liponaturals C and Quali-C too!! Thank you for mentioning those!
      I hope that helps! warmly, Jessica

  5. Carol

    Many thanks for this post. It’s curious to me that no one is addressing the built-in susceptibility of those with autoimmune disease to exactly what would kill someone with coronavirus-a cytokine storm. Or perhaps I’m just borrowing trouble.

    For many years, I’ve managed my herpes virus with lysine. In my experience, it stops outbreaks/flares in their tracks by interrupting viral replication 100% of the time. Wading thru the science is exhausting for this non-scientist but I’d like to see if there is any work being done with lysine and coronavirus. So far, no luck, but given how long it took me to find the lysine/herpes virus connection, it may take years. Do you have any thoughts on lysine and viruses other than herpes?

    Thanks again for your wisdom!

    • Jessica

      Hi Carol! Those are very good and important questions. Because my practice is mostly autoimmune folks (and those with chronic viruses) I made this protocol to be immune-supporting instead of immune-boosting. Cat’s claw is worth your time researching as it has many studies with the herpes virus (look those up on and I have included it in my protocol because of its anti-viral activity. I hope that helps! warmly,

  6. Kay

    I’ve read that supplements sold on Amazon can actually be counterfeit or cut or diluted. I remember reading an article about this and that even Amazon stated they have trouble keeping up with charlatans selling on their website . How can you be sure you are buying the real thing through Amazon??

    • Jessica

      super good point! Metagenics, for instance, has its own amazon store (it says “sold by metagenics”. So, yes, be careful. Other places like iherb are good options! Thank you for mentioning that!

  7. Becca

    Hi! Is Aconite the same as Aconitum Napellus?

    • Jessica

      Yes, same thing.

  8. Rob Wills

    Revisiting this list, Jessica! Just ordered, but had a question about children doses (8 y.o.). Follow directions on them, naturally… but are there separate dose considerations for any of these? Thank you!

    • Jessica

      You will want to clear everything with a doctor for children. Ideally, you would consider 1/3 the adult dose if you are going by the weight of the person.

  9. Karen

    Thank you Jessica! I was daydreaming about asking fir just this sort of list from you and lookee here it is! How about preparing for self-advocacy? If a loved one or I were admitted to the hospital in crisis without someone there to advocate, what measures might I want to request or demand? IV vitamin C? Any thoughts on preparing for this stage and what may be helpful in crisis at the hospital? As always, thank you for being the heart light on my path to thriving years ago, and for all you give. Love you!❤️

    • Jessica

      Hi! Looking forward to discussing tomorrow! xo

  10. dax

    Hi Jessica! Curious to know if you have opinions on NAC for immune support. Thanks for your time.

    • Jessica

      HI Dax! I have added NAC to my protocol as well as Quercetin and freshly grated ginger root. All of those for lowering IL-6!
      I will update my protocol to reflect that. I don’t have enough of any of these things to take them daily, so just for symptoms. I plan on taking 2 capsules twice a day of each. Hope that helps. warmly, jessica


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