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Hi, I’m Jessica.

Chronic health problems are matters of the mind, body, and soul. I work with practitioners and clients to help uncover and resolve the root causes of these issues, using advanced functional nutrition and spiritual coaching.

Do you want your illness to work for you, not against you? Discover my 10 tips for using illness as a path of transformation.

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Ways I can work with you

1:1 Nutritional Coaching

Individual appointments focused on helping heal without restriction, using advanced functional nutrition testing and novel microbiome restoration techniques.

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Spiritual Coaching Training

Group courses dedicated to training practitioners as Spiritual Coaches, who can help their clients heal in the most substantive ways possible. 

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1:1 Spiritual Coaching

Individual appointments aimed at reshaping belief systems to move forward through Noetic Balancing.

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Results I’ve Helped Create

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“Reading Jessica’s book and then working with her privately opened up my eyes to a new modality of healing – exploring my relationship to my disease as the cure itself… The more I practiced self-forgiveness and self-love, the more profound the effects. And the better I felt physically.”


“I am SO GLAD I decided to enroll in Jessica’s Spiritual Coaching Training program. Not only have I become more at peace with myself, I’ve become a more grounded and compassionate nutritionist.” — NCP, Nutritionist, and Spiritual Coach
“Jessica’s Spiritual Coaching Training was the best thing I’ve done for myself and my practice for the longest time. Maybe ever!”

NCPNutritionist & Spiritual Coach

“I reached out to Jessica to identify a dietary approach for managing rheumatoid arthritis. What she provided was a different way of viewing my disease. In our first call, she asked me to consider that RA was a gift, an opportunity to fulfill my potential. At the time it sounded ridiculous but what it opened up was a mindset of having grace with myself… Thank you for helping me heal, thank you for the loving…”


“… Jessica helped me see the role of my illness as only one part of who I am. Up until that point, I placed my identification through what I thought was broken. I kept trying to fix what was broken inside of me instead of focusing on my innate wholeness… With each loving step I took with Jessica, I was able to discover how to get free inside myself.”



Transformational Eating 6-Week Support Group

Transformational Eating 6-Week Support Group

The Silent Truth: AIP, Restrictive Diets, and Disordered Eating

The Silent Truth: AIP, Restrictive Diets, and Disordered Eating

3- Week Support Group to Make Peace With Your Inner-Eater

3- Week Support Group to Make Peace With Your Inner-Eater

How The Unconscious Can Affect Your Health

How The Unconscious Can Affect Your Health

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