Can Self-Compassion help heal disordered eating? Yes.

Join me for a  6-week program to learn the skills of self-compassion to help heal your relationship with food with kindness, compassion, and mindfulness. 

Turning toward suffering is hard and unnatural for us as humans; yet, self-compassion asks and requires that we not only turn toward it but embrace and care for it. Doing so requires honesty and courage to live in our own vulnerability and has many healing benefits.

There are currently 28 scientific studies supporting the role of self-compassion as a protective factor against poor body image and eating pathology, and this class creates a foundation for participants to explore and practice self-compassion as a healing modality. 

Ask yourself these questions…

How much time do you spend thinking about food and what you can eat?

Do you feel that the only way to heal is by controlling food?

Have you lost all joy in food and feel controlled by how you have to eat to heal?

Have you tried Intuitive Eating or mindful eating and failed at it?

Do you feel like you don’t have a say in how to heal and no one understands your experience?

    My name is Jessica, nice to meet you!

    As a clinical nutritionist and self-compassion teacher, I’ve helped thousands of people heal — physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. My work, experiences, and learnings inspired The Loving Diet, a mind-body book supporting those with autoimmune disease, and will serve as the foundation of our journey here together. I’m also a member of Stanford University School of Medicine’s Applied Compassion Training program and a long-time Northern Californian, where I live with my husband and four daughters.

    This 6-week support group is a powerful journey for those who are exhausted by the search for healing and are tired of fixing themselves and their thinking around food. 

    If you’re ready to tap into your heart, I can show you an effective path to make peace with your inner-eater and develop a better relationship with food.

    Harness the power of your own compassion to heal the relationship you have with food, in my 8-week support group.

    • Program Details:
    • 6 Week Virtual Support Group and Self-Compassion Class
    • Small Class Size
    • i60 Page Workbook + Numerous Recorded Meditations
    • Multiple Dates + Sessions


    “I felt like I started to break down the walls protecting my heart for the very first time despite
    years and years of therapy.”

    – Claire

    “I feel self-empowered and on the path to food freedom with a love lens.”

    – VC

    “I left this course feeling extremely hopeful!”

    – Claire

    “Truly Transforming.”

    – Cindy

    “My healing journey felt stalled like I was hitting a ceiling, and that ceiling was way too low…
    And, the class proved to be the balm I needed. It was actually Transformational.”

    – Kirsten

    “Today I have tools to manage my relationship with food that I learned in the Transformational
    Eating class and the hamster wheel of negative self-talk has left the building.”

    – VC


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