The Gift of SIBO

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SIBO is not the enemy. It is part of the cure.

If ever there was a buzz word in the AIP world, SIBO is officially the current star. In this post I am going to talk for just a minute from a clinical perspective, so put your nutritionist hats on. But after those tidbits,  I will give you the energetics of SIBO and some reasons why it graces us with its existence.

I would say 90% of my client population thinks they have SIBO. About 25% of them have gotten tested for it (with mixed results). 100% of my client population has tried to solve their digestive issues in some way before they see me (with varying degrees of success). So essentially we have a hard to diagnose, hard to treat, hard to live with issue. SIBO is sucky. Or is it?

On a physical level, SIBO is related to thyroid hormones, brain-gut axis impairment and autoimmunity. All of which weakens the system in some way. An environment is created where bacterial overgrowth can become opportunistic. I am not going to get too far into the mechanics of how to solve SIBO (special probiotics, bio-film disruptors, low FODMAPS diet, thyroid regulation, fixing the brain-gut axis) because I suggest doing that with practitioner who is experienced in treating it. Instead what I am going to share are the gifts SIBO has to offer. The opportunities of SIBO. I believe it to be a most powerful teacher and opportunity. So lets re-frame SIBO and use it to our advantage.

Energetically, SIBO has the opportunity to teach us about our safety and power. SIBO affects our gut, which is the seat of our body brain known as The Basic Self. Disruptions there can be associated with beliefs about our positioning in the world. And because we are having a physical experience with having a body, disruptions in how we process our place in the world eventually trickle down to the physical body. This may be an instance in your life when you experienced the world as unsafe and created a belief about that experience for survival  (a parent said you would amount to nothing, a severe illness, abuse, parents divorce, rejection, betrayal) Beliefs start out as conscious thoughts and over time move into the unconscious. When nothing is done to resolve them (read: we still think we are unworthy for instance)  these beliefs eventually trickle down to the physical body and in the case of SIBO, into our gut.

Here are some examples of things that take us out of our safety and power in life:

beliefs we have about our world we made up for survival that are not true

not following our hearts desire and living a life we want

take the perspective that we are victims of our circumstances

blaming others for the circumstances of our life

living out of alignment from our true divine nature

relationships and jobs that do not fulfill us

The end result of this is physical disruption. But that disruption (if you follow the proverbial bread crumbs) had its start before the physical expression of SIBO. And you are fully capable of pulling the string to see the where and whys of its origins that will clear and release its hold, which can be a powerful adjunct to a SIBO treatment plan. I suggest here to you, that is can be a powerful addition to your healing regime of supplements, medicines or diet. The basis of SIBO is really coming forward to help us learn about power and safety. SIBO can teach us how to increase our reserves of safety and sit more in our authentic power. In essence I am suggesting that SIBO is here to make your life better and by taking that perspective you come into cooperation with the disruption inside of you. Cooperation creates an advantage for us as humans. It creates an opportunity for rapid healing. Supplements, diet and practitioners can show up in a deeper way when we are in alignment. And when that switch happens, you move into a state of cooperation. SIBO is an opportunity of more than correcting regulation in the body. SIBO is here to work to for you and the life you long for.  Since it is there, and it is a pain to deal with, why not listen to the whisperings of knowledge it has for you instead of treating it like an enemy. SIBO has the opportunity to be a player in getting you the life you want by helping us to discover that safety and security are points of reference inside of us.

A few things happen when physical disruptions hit the body. One is that it can be a symptom of another issue like power and safety. Another is that it can be seen as a teaching opportunity. And the third is that it is coming forward to help you by grabbing your attention. When we accept our circumstances and accept responsibility, we are able to take full advantage of what is present. Trying to run away from what ails us moves us farther from our own cure. I tell my clients to run toward the disruption in their lives to maximize their own benefit in the quickest way possible. This is the basis of my program The Loving Diet where I teach my clients to use EVERYTHING to lift. Everything becomes a tool for making our lives better. So when uncomfortable things happen (the diagnosis, the heartache, the dysbiosis) you can rest assure that it is here for our betterment and we can continually search for the gifts and blessings. That route is the ultimate path of our life called: Trusting Your Life.

Here are some examples of held beliefs that can be associated with SIBO (note: everyone’s beliefs are unique to their life and their path)

I don’t deserve a good life

I am doomed for suffering and unhappiness

Everyone else but me deserves to be happy

The world is an unsafe place

I will never find my way to a life I love

God forgot about me

I will always be alone

The world is hostile and against me

My life will never be magnificent

There are a few ways of clearing held beliefs. You can pray, practice ho’oponopono or work with a facilitator who is trained in this work (like me or any Noetic Field Practitioner) Having a witness when you clear held beliefs seem to work more quickly from my view. It tends to have a more rapid effect. But prayer does work. Working with as many people as I do, I find that there is an emerging group that do the diet, see the doctors, are on the supplements that are still not getting better. Those are the people ready to make the next step in their journey. That is the group ready to get radical in their loving toward their illness. That is the group that is ready to reach beyond the physical and into the depths of their heart to resolve what ails them. SIBO is a physical manifestation of a super highway to love. It is cleverly disguised. Approach SIBO with kindness. Use it as a tool for increasing compassion to yourself and your special journey. Approach SIBO with gratitude. See if those approaches bring your closer to resolving SIBO. There is nothing to lose on that path. Only the magnificence that you are a truly divine being will be uncovered. All you have to do to achieve this is to decide it to be so. Decide right this minute SIBO is going to work for you instead of against you and then the energy will start lining up. Then quantum mechanics of compassion to what ails us becomes involved in our epigenics (how the physical body expresses genes). Science is slowly catching on to this. Here are some resources for you to consider:

Nova show on Epigenics

Deepak Chopra’s fantastic article about how we choose to view our life affect physical health

The Science of Miracles “you change any aspect of reality as easily as in a dream”

Using Self-Compassion for Autoimmune Disease

How to Really Heal The Gut


  1. Andrea Rosario

    Wow. There is just not a sentence in this post that is anything but perfection. What a beautifully insightful, powerful masterpiece!

    • Jessica

      Andrea…gratitude to you and your support. xo-jessica

  2. hb

    Thank you for These words. This part of the story can so easily be forgotten. Thanks for reminding me!

    • Jessica

      You are very welcome Hollie. xo-jessica

  3. Sarah

    I am going to bookmark this post to read more closely tomorrow — I’ve been very curious about SIBO ever since reading about it on The Paleo Mom’s blog. Thanks for writing this!

    • Jessica

      Sarah you are very welcome! It is my heart’s work to get to the ‘heart of the matter’ and I find when we have the skills to resolve the struggle inside ourselves, then the struggle outside of ourselves (ie disruptions in the physical body) naturally comes into alignment. Thank you for the kind comment. xox-jessica

  4. Zack


    I was looking for information on autoimmune paleo foods and treatments and just found this post via Google.

    My only question is, what is SIBO? Is that an acronym you could expand? Perhaps you have an article elsewhere that explains it and I’d love to read it if you do and could link to it.

    Just a little bit confused, but looking forward to learning more. 😀

    Thanks so much!


  5. Paula

    YES!!! Thank you for getting this information out there. After my journey has brought me round to the same, I now completely focused in the gifts of SIBO. I nearly started a business based upon the self- care and adjunct work that will realign our sense of power and safety, but in the current analysis, I have strong talents in other areas creating beauty and self- expansion as a transformational homescaper….energetic empowerment and healing spaces combined. I have notions of publishing a book in my SIBO journey at some point.

    • Jessica

      Many paths to the same destination! So happy you are formulating and organizing a way to help other to do the same! Keep in touch and let me know how it goes! xx-jessica

  6. Vanessa Smith

    WOW! This is ONE POWERFUL article! I TOTALLY RELATE to EVERYTHING you is saying. I can see so many of my emotions and stress levels tied to this and I have spent the last few months reflecting on how I live my life and my desperation to change it. There is for sure a STRONG mental and emotional aspect of it and I have felt this since right before my diagnosis. When I’m not being angry by SIBO there were parts of me that realized it was a ‘belssing’ so that I can really look at the areas of my life that I have longed known I needed to fix. Since I’ve started addressing these, I have really been feeling much better, especially the digestion. I can’t wait to read the related links and The Loving diet! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

    • Jessica

      Yay Vanessa! I am so glad you shared this! Thank you! xx-jessica


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