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Valentine’s Day is one of those days that can be tough for some. It has the power to reflect back to you what you think you don’t have in relationships just like a disease does. Disease can seem like it is reflecting back to you the lack of health. And those two scenarios are powerful and both are opportunities to shift your perspective. I actually think they become present just to do that. To get us to see things differently. It seems we are all sort of wandering around the world looking for love, right? Is Love is the exact thing to complete us? Well it is. But not the love you find outside of yourself. We are all secretly searching for the love inside of ourselves. And we are presented with scenarios like illness and loss to help us understand this. The same is true for healing. Once we are healed from our disease, we are more complete, right? That is what we think will be true. Actually I think it is the fierce loving of our soul that is asking each of us to go on the path of trusting our life so we can find joy. That contains the real healing. In that scenario we can find gratitude for what ails us, because it is the one way ticket to joy, loving and grace.

To prove this idea that happiness can be the journey and not the destination, I recommend reading this article. Lottery winners don’t become happier people. When we find our soulmate, perfect job, dream house, healing, remission, it is not a guarantee for more joy that your life. And that is powerful, because it means that you can be in the midst of disease and have a joyful life right now. I think that is utterly fantastic news! Nothing can hold us back from joy. Not disease, not being alone, not being poor, not having a job we dislike. It turns out there are some amazing resource for you if you decide to take this kind of healing journey. So lets get started.

First on the business of love and healing, you should know about Charmayne Kilcup PhD. She is a therapist that does soul-centered work and spiritual guidance.  I consider her work to be so powerful, it is like 25 regular therapy sessions in one hour. I personally work with her, and she is part of my ‘team’. Because I do this work for a living, my team is very, very essential to me staying on track, in my loving and lined up to the light. She helps me do this. Any of you in the Seattle area can see her speak April 15th at East West Bookshop where she will talk about the role of Self-Forgiveness in Healing. I cannot say enough about her work. I get about 50 emails daily from folks searching for the right practitioners, diet and supplements. There is a obvious lack of healing resources in this country (as so many of you have been to 4 or 5 doctors already and you can attest to this) and I only have a small list of people who I recommend. People who are really lined up in an authentic way. Charmayne is one of them. She just wrote a beautiful piece on her own love story, how to find love and soulmate love. I cried reading it because really, it always starts with ourselves and trusting ourselves  to feel worthy and validated. We get lined up to that truth inside ourselves, and it manifests outside of ourselves. Just like healing our bodies. It is the same path. That is why I suggest in The Loving Diet to stop chasing the healing. You can stop looking for the cure. You are the cure. Your relationship to your disease is the cure. That is the magic. That is the soulmate. That is the love.

Happy Valentine’s Day. I love all of you.

As a Valentine’s Day Treat I am sharing my Current Favorite Things List!

(SBR I am looking at you xo)

My AIP One Dish Paleo now has its own Pinterest Page!

Come join me in Sacramento for a half-day The Loving Diet Workshop!

My favorite therapist: Charmayne Kilcup

This video. A MUST SEE! How science links Happiness with Gratitude. That means being thankful for your illness is a proven path of happiness. A serious tearjerker. Grab the tissue.

Jenna Lyons..I am obsessed with you. She takes it to new level in this Man Repeller Video

Damien Rice came out with a new album. called My Favourite Faded Fantasy. On replay on my iphone currently #thebomb

Will Smith in this Esquire interview about service, god and happiness. And how only Love will fill the hole in our life.

This is by far the best online resource for Food Blogging I have found. #dreamy

These uber-awesome linen dish covers from Quitokeeto and the Heidi Swanson from 101 Cookbooks

My favorite Poet Mary Oliver came out with a new book of poetry: Blue Horses

My unending love of Salted Capers (AIP friendly!)



  1. Megan

    Beautiful post. Thank you for this:) Happy Valentine’s Day..xoxo


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