Ep: 03 How To Create An Autoimmune Health Care Plan


Love and Heal PodcastAre you wondering what tests may be helpful to improving your health on your autoimmune journey? Jessica and Sarah talk about how to create your own road map. What tests and why? Labs to use? Based on Jessica’s popular post How To Create An Autoimmune Paleo Health Care Plan.


  1. Christine Eggleston

    Today I am working in my yard getting it ready for winter getting lots of exercise. My next step is to get an inside exercise program going for the winter months. I’ve been on the aip diet for 16 months now and am doing great! Life is good!

    • Jessica

      I LOVE love, love hearing this Christine!! So awesome!!!! Congratulations!! xx-jessica

  2. Martina

    Hi Jessica, thank you for doing this podcast – I made a note of all of the pointers and also what tests are helpful. Do you have a post on how I can understand my blood test results I got back from the doctors in the UK. Because my doctor says my thyroid is ‘normal’ it would be good if I can understand it for myself. Thank you


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