Why I don’t do New Years Resolutions

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Yes, 2015 is here. And so are the constant stream of New Years Resolutions.

I don’t believe in resolutions however,  because they set up the idea that something needs fixing. Your behavior, your life, your skills, your approach, your diet, your health…may need fixing, so resolve to solve the problem, right? In my  loving-everything  playbook, that is moving farther away from joy and happiness.

Here is my bottom line:

You don’t need fixing

You are already complete

You are already whole

Disease is the messenger of knowing you are already whole. Wholeness is a place beyond physical illness. So despite your adrenals not working, your blood sugar issues and your thyroid issues, wholeness is searching you out and it doesn’t care what your physical body is doing. Once you get to the bottom of what is limiting your loving, it then has the power to bring balance to your physical body.

The “work” if you even want to call it that, is awakening to those ideas. And in my practice, and how I re-frame illness with clients, is doing exactly that. No one is off the path. Illness is here to bring you closer to the realization that you are already whole. In the midst of disease, you are whole. In the midst of financial woes, job loss, heartbreak or sorrow, you are already whole. You are already whole in the midst of being in those places. Resolutions just make us feel a false distance to our goal. There is no finish line. Being born into this world granted you a guaranteed finish line already. This is one of the basis of The Loving Diet. All that is required is for you to claim it. Claim your wholeness. Just say it daily. “I claim my wholeness. I claim love.” When you start from that place, then the other non-essentials like diet, supplements and practitioners come. You claim your beautiful self inside of you, then life outside of you comes.

So what is my New Years looking like? Well, it is tenderness. It is appreciating my struggle. It is feeling excited (and a little scared!) about being challenged in a new way. I have a lot of new projects in the works. I have a lot of pressure coming along with them. I am not stress-free by being on this path. But, as each challenge gets bigger, it allows my compassion for myself to get bigger too. So, the bigger the struggle, the bigger the container of compassion for myself. And the more compassion for myself and my struggles mean the bigger the container of resources I am creating to deal with my struggles. I don’t plan out the resources (aka resolutions) I let answers and solutions  flow toward me. They show up when I trust my life.

Here is an example:

I had a project that I wanted to push forward that was really my hearts-desire. I had no idea how I would accomplish this. I did not have the seed money to push the project forward. I had no idea if it was for my highest good and was meant to come to fruition. But, I got clear inside of myself about what I wanted, and I asked the universe for more love and to be in service through the project I was hoping would manifest.. Then I let go. A month later I got news that I was getting a check in the mail I was not expecting that was the exact amount I needed for the project. The clearer I was inside of myself = the clearer the universe could provide the tools for me. So instead of reaching outside of myself, I reached inside of myself. The same can be true for all the things we consider in the New Year.  Eating healthy for example can be done by making “wise and supportive” choices. Resolving to eat right. But eating healthy can also come out of a nurturing place inside of yourself. Becoming quiet and appreciating what is present in your life is one way to do this. Asking for more loving is another. Asking to be shown the way also works. So as this beautiful 2015 starts, I am going for the Loving. I am investing there. I am expanding the container from which I love. I would love to do this together. I am loving all of you as well. You, reading this right now. I love you. I am appreciating you. I am sending you a New Years squeeze. xo


  1. Kristi

    Thank you. This helps more than you can know.

    • Jessica

      Kristi..you are welcome. xoxo-jessica

  2. Gwendolyn

    So lovely. I’m withya sista!


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