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What if…

What if disease was waking you up to something in your life? What if instead of being a victim to your disease, you could actually decide that disease is here to help you come to a deeper understanding of yourself.  When we do that, it changes the context of disease in our life from destroyer to giver. That can help to heal the disease as well. I call it instant, internal biochemical change. That kind of perception shift is what I am suggesting for all of you for 2016. Then you can use everything that is present in life to assist with this. This is the route to change the chemical structure and nature in your body from the inside out.

Everything That Is Present In Our Life Is Here To Assist In Increase Our Loving

Radical, I know. However, I have spent the last 10 years thinking about this topic daily. In the last three years I have integrated it into my practice and have seen clients create cooperative relationships to their physical ailments, which has helped them feel better regardless of the presence of disease. Here are some other observations I have made: there is no downside to this perspective, it doesn’t cost anything, and it doesn’t conflict with spiritual beliefs or medical plans we are already doing. It also has the ability to instantly provides relief, joy and healing. Bottom line: instead of making disease ‘wrong’ to heal, we are making us ‘right’ to heal. That is where healing lives; in our wholeness.

So the orientation is:

  • Everything is going to work in my favor because I decide so
  • I will use all things in my life to lift
  • I will become a student to my own life
  • Love is behind disease and illness
  • The easiest way to heal is through loving disease, not fighting disease

Here are two scenarios to sum this kind of thinking up:



How do we “Fight” disease? Any time we make illness wrong, we are fighting disease. Consider all the message we are bombarded in the healing world: don’t go on the wrong diet, be careful of the wrong supplements, don’t listen to those practitioners..sound familiar?  There are subtle and not-so-subtle ways we make disease wrong. Think about that for a second. That is a very, very common message. Very common. Fight, fight, fight, fight. Find your strength. Find your warrior. Find, find, find. Underneath all of that is a message that says: You have to find the healing place because you are not in it right now. And that is the very error in healing. When we change our mind about what we are against in our life, healing happens and we do not need to DO, GO, or CHANGE. Healing is this very second, this moment right now. You are whole. But we should take caution in not assuming that what healing in the physical body should like. That you are only healed if you thyroid markers are in range. I have seen people in hospice who decide to heal their life laying on their deathbed who heal the entirety of their life in an instant. They are set free inside of themselves before they die. Their bodies did not heal, but they did. So how can we keep defining health though physical health only? Well, we can’t. (and these two interesting studies here and here about how searching for happiness actually makes us unhappier proves this theory) I am suggesting that broadening your definition of health and that going beyond the definitions of good and bad for healing and into LOVE may actually help your physical body heal. Somewhat of a paradox. Healing is in our heart. This perspective is asking you to love and accept this moment and for many of us, this very moment includes physical discomfort. And regardless, you in the midst of disease are whole. That is the healing message that can change your biochemistry and role of disease in your life.

Of course this perspective does not mean that illness is something that we created or we are “responsible” for. It means that we can either lovingly cooperate with what is here or not. We can be responsible for how we participate in life at the very second or not. We can lift from our circumstances or we can remain victims to it. In every single case of life we can do this. Not just illness, but all of our circumstances. Lost loves, failed relationships, jobs we hate, traumatic childhoods, abusive co-dependency. Life falling apart. We can either fight it, or we can cooperate with it. We can find the blessings of our struggles. We can use suffering to sort out what works and doesn’t in our life. Illness is no exception. All of it matters. All of you matters. All of your experiences matter. Everything is here to help you awaken to the divinity inside of you. Illness is helping us to uncover divinity. Your hypothyroid is here to help teach you about your divinity. Your Epstein Barr is here to help teach you about your divinity. Your SIBO is here to help you remember your brilliance.  Illness can be our helper to learning that we can go beyond Right and Wrong and go into the unified field of Loving. In fact, I believe that is the only reason illness is present. That is a place where we do not need healing because all is whole.  So yes, do the diets and supplements. Sleep more. Heal the trauma. But do them with love. Do them without dogma of “I have to do this because it is how I find healing.” Instead try the perspective “I love myself doing this hard thing called disease. Disease is helping me wake up to something profound inside of myself that is showing me that I am whole in the midst of appearing broken”. What we actually think is ruining our life,  is our teacher to uncovering our divinity. Every single time.

And here is how it feels to be a student of this kind of path:

  • confusing
  • sad
  • annoying
  • frustrating
  • amazing
  • doubtful
  • angry

But feelings are just information, so we keep going into the depths of what ails us and we keep lovingly sorting out what is working and not working. And we are tender with those parts of ourselves. We surround ourselves with caregivers that speak this language. We move away from the dogma and power of Healthcare, and instead adopt the vibration of cooperation and acceptance. We forgive our missteps and judgements and we find immense healing by letting ourselves have those feelings that are uncomfortable. We completely embrace our humanness and the awkwardness that goes along with it. Personally I find that whenever I come across beliefs that are limiting, I usually did not realize I had them, I feel scared, frustrated, confused and nauseated when I go toward them in my efforts to resolve them. Super uncomfortable. And that is also why when we humans say “Oh yeah, I have been working on that issue for years now, I don’t need to examine it anymore” it is a red flag because that belief is actually defending its right to remain in our energetic field. So now when I feel that defensiveness creeping in, I consider it a SURE sign that a deeper examination is needed. Then I become my own best ally and friend to the piece inside of me convinced I won’t ever get reach the green pastures of health and joy. Because it is loving behind all of this. We are choosing it to be so.

So healing is upon us. Because we choose it. Because we are willing to take the steps believing our loving is enough. As each of us choose into ourselves, the entire fabric of the universe becomes more loving right along with us. So, lets hold hands together while we do this. Lets create a new way of doing business on the planet. Together. Because love can. And it will. I love you. Happy 2016




  1. Jenny

    Jessica~ most valuable, profound and insightful piece I’ve read… A reflection of exactly where I am and what I believe…where the transformation in healing & health has and is happening for me and surely so many. Powerful distinctions in what healing is and its calling. So grateful for this and hopeful we all adopt this approach deep in our heart & soul, carrying the message. #loverules ox Jenny

    • Jessica

      Love that hashtag #loverules!!! So glad we can be traveling this path together Jenny. Love you so. xxoo

  2. Terri

    Great post. Thank you.

    • Jessica

      Terri!!! So lovely to see you in the comments!! Sending a big squeeze to you! xx-jessica


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