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When we fall down the rabbit hole that can accompany disease, it sometimes seems a cold, cruel descent. And we are told the entire fall down the hole some very powerful messages: Reduce your stress. It is in your head. This medicine will help. Change your diet. Think Positive. You don’t look sick. Give it time, eventually you will feel better. Life is what you make it. Try this new medication. I am sure you have a long list of things you have been told.

And after years of these messages, after years of physical pain and suffering, my clients tell me the conclusions they have come to from being spit out of a system that is not built to heal:

Joy died inside of me….I don’t know how to be happy…. I feel hopeless…. this disease has robbed me of my life….Life is against me… The world is not safe…I don’t know how to do this….Nothing helps….

And here is the kicker. Diet doesn’t usually cure these conclusions we have made about our life. And either does reducing your stress, or eating nutrient dense. Or taking B12 or getting a massage. The real life issues of despair and loss of hope do not get solved with positive thinking, or thinking happy thoughts. You can eat AIP and Low FODMAP and GAPS Intro until the cows come home. And you may very well feel better. And your antibodies may drop. And your anemia may go away. But unless you go after the real root what is trying to come forward in your life through illness, everything will be a temporary fix.

Illness is a vehicle that is trying to wake you up to something in your life. Illness is bringing forward the opportunity for finding, releasing and healing the conclusions we have made about our life that are not serving us. Illness is the wisdom giver that teaches us that ultimately, we find the road back to our own hearts by loving disease, not through being a victim of it. And so we get to do this. We get to sort though all the messages about how to get healthy. Some messages we hear out in the world, are rooted in fear. Some are rooted in love. We use discernment inside ourselves stemming from our yearning for more love to decide what we align ourselves with. Because like a broken system so many of you know all too well, there also is a system with caregivers who operate from a loving place.

This is The Loving Diet. Putting the loving back into our health care. Putting the loving back into our diets. Putting the love back into our journey. Using disease as an opportunity to lift. This is the path that changes the rabbit hole to a golden one. The route that goes beyond good and bad. How will you accept the loving?

Right now, ask yourself “How will I accept the loving?” “What is preventing me from accepting the loving?” See if anything comes up. And of course I would love to hear what.

btw…US News & World Report published an article about Paleo Autoimmune. I was interviewed for the article. Here is a link to it.





  1. Cindy

    I wish I had an answer to that.

    • Jessica

      It may come to you. If it does..I would love to hear it xo-jessica

  2. Ashley

    What a truly insightful post. How very true. Thank you.

    • Jessica

      Ashley! So sweet of you to say. Thank you xo-jessica

  3. Kristi

    Please keep this message coming…I’m finally getting it! Thank you so much!

    • Jessica

      Kristi! Yay! I will definitely do that. xx

  4. Pam

    Hi! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your site…it’s a breath of fresh air! I have scrolled up and down many times (all the time I can find) and I agree 100000% with all that you teach! I am NOT new to ‘dieting’ , in fact, I think my ‘dieting’ (10 + years of bodybuilding diets) and over training is what is causing me now to not feel well.

    To make a LONG LONG story short….I am having some major issues digesting a lot. 5 years ago when my body was giving up on me and i was taking massive amounts of fat burners , doing 2-3 hours of cardio a DAY , eating very low carb and frequently ‘drying my body out’ with laxatives and pills…….EVERY.JOINT.HURT….I stopped having a menstrual cycle, I literally felt like my body was 80 years old (I was only 28).
    I was confused, sad, frustrated AND trying to live up to my ‘old’ self…a seasoned athlete, successful personal trainer to more than 30 clients a week, healthy food coach (go figure lol), and basically a cheerleader and life coach for sooo many….BUT I was breaking down inside:(

    Something led me to a holistic practitioner (I new I needed to get my hormones right…but had no idea what adrenals were!)….Well, I did salvia tests…I had severe sentiviiy to many of the foods I was eating…but most importantly I had horrible cortisol and DHA…NO uters lining (my OBGYN said he’s never seen anyone like this not even able to measure it), I had two doctors tell me at the age of 27 that I had pre menopausal symptoms….

    Fast forward and now after 8 years of no cycles….I got ONE (after 1 year on DHEA and pregnenalone )…AND doing different diets….and basically gaining weight after 6 surgeries in 5 years (talk about added stress to an already messed up system!)….AND after One menstrual cycle…Gods miracle happened and my husband and I got pregnant! (something I was also told would never happen without medication!)….

    I looked to food for my healing..I ate avocados daily and included Flax oil, lean protein…oatmeal…coconut oil…Its a superfood…I ate it!!!! but NOW after nursing for over 18 months now…my body is FREAKING OUT!!! I got what I THINK Is psoriasis ….on my elbows and knee…I ran across and read about AIP (paleo is pretty common around us…my husband owns a crossfit gym lol)…but the AIP is something totally new!

    I started it..and in 5 days you can hardly see my psoriasis AND many of the other skin issues I was having have disappeared! ..BUT….NOW>>>>>> something happened…my stomach after 2 weeks on AIP…looks pregnant….I feel horrible and now I”m consitpated (something that I am NEVER) ….and i actually gained 3lbs….

    I was wondering if you could give me any tips??? Also, My body is still healing..I got pregnant only 3 months into FAI/hip surgery..AND due to being pregnant and now having my son (a very attached one) I am unable to get my other hip done…so my activity is suffering AND I know there is a lot more going on inside my body than JUSTdealing with poor digestion .

    any help or insight is appreciated!!!! I know this diet will work…and I’m thinking to follow low FODMAP??? I increased my Yams…in place of my oats and quinoa and rice…and plantains…but I”m thinking the yams are being horrible for my tummy..

    thanks in advance for even reading…like you said, you often feel alone , even to those close to you ..they just don’t get it…so you just don’t bother, you try to ignore things and deal with it


    • Jessica

      Hi Pam! Wow you have had a lot happening! I would suggest talking to a practitioner about this. It sounds like it could be physiological or one of the AIP foods you are eating. But I would not go it alone…Especially with the constipation, your practitioner could rule out SIBO which may have gotten worse since going on AIP even though perhaps your overall inflammation got better. And thank you about the compliment! And love that your husband owns a crossfit gym! So many wonderful resources though crossfit for those on AIP!! (I love my box :-)) -jessica

  5. Meghann

    Does rice starch cross react with gluten?

    • Jessica

      It is considered a cross-reactor for gluten, yes. But it doesn’t mean that it always does. It varies person to person. Hope that helps! -jessica


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