Effective Ways to Cooperate With Your Diagnosis

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Change the role of illness in your life from burden to blessing. This class is a first step to do this.

In this three part course, we will be taking a look at the first steps I encourage my clients to take when they are dealing with health issues that is a vastly different conversation than they have most likely heard. An inward journey to change the relationship to your illness that is effective, loving and compassion based.


I will take you step to start changing the relationship you have to your circumstances today.

I discuss three main topics:

1. There is something in your current experience that is here for your benefit

2. A new way to self-soothe and why it is important

3. Why and how to trust your life and how that is related to your current state of health

This class is a vibrational journey to connect you to the part of you that is already healed. Through a combination of prayer, meditation and spoken word, together, let’s craft the journey to meet your inner healer and how to change the vibration of healing in your body.


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Jessica Flanigan is a clinical nutritionist, author and spiritual coach. She has developed many mind-body techniques for those with chronic disease to develop a different relationship with their circumstances and find healing.