5 Heart Centered Approaches to Autoimmune Disease

Here is a bit of news you may not know about us: It Is Not About The Diet. Yes, we are here cooking, loving, developing, researching. But the science and outward experience of disease is a physical one and we are dedicated to the experience of our hearts.  That...

Influenza and Autoimmune Disease

Flu season. Almost all natural remedies or support measures for Influenza stimulate the immune system, which is counterproductive if you have autoimmune disease. One walk down the supplement aisle at your health food store and you know how many products are marketed...

How An Autoimmune-Paleo Nutritionist Eats

How An Autoimmune-Paleo Nutritionist Eats

In the clinic I work at, we recently started to carry Spectracell testing. I was super excited because Spectracell tests MTHFR genes which can inhibit methylation pathways in the liver and wreak havoc on many body systems. I decided since I am a nutritionist and I...

Why AIP May Not Be Enough

Why AIP May Not Be Enough

The AIP diet is magnificent in my book. My clients have dramatic improvements on it. It is essential for reducing inflammation in the body. Autoimmune Disease flare-ups can be driven by stress, inflammation and environmental toxicity. It can be tricky to navigate this...

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AIP One Dish

35 AIP dinner recipes prepared in 15 minutes or less in ONE pan.

The Loving Diet

The Loving Diet™ introduces a fresh approach to your current health care plan: Love.