Ep: 04 How Challenges Build Wisdom with Dr. Charmayne Kilcup

  Jessica interviews Dr. Charmayne Kilcup, a therapist, healer and soul coach. Charmayne uses a combination of counseling, intuition, energy work, and self-forgiveness work to help those who are struggling with heartache, health issues, heartbreak, or spiritual crises. She has trained in Noetic Field Therapy. Reconnective Healing and Theta Healing. These tools, along with her own spiritual awakening, Charmayne shares with Jessica ways we can find…

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Ep. 02 : Meditation 101 with Tom Kelly

  Sarah interviews her long-time meditation and yoga teacher Tom Kelly, owner of Soul of Yoga Studio in Encinitas, CA. In this interview Tom shares his best tips for starting and maintaining a meditation practice along with the emotional and spiritual benefits of stillness. This lively and informative interview covers all the important basics to start your meditation journey.

10 Reasons Your SIBO Is Not Healing

Oh SIBO. Aren’t you just the party guest we wish would leave? SIBO is short for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, and it is a pain to deal with. It can be the pesky bugger behind bloating, constipation, leaky gut and gas. It is also hard to approach as a practitioner because there are so many factors that affect it. From a physiological aspect it is…

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Guest Post: How Love Became Part Of Her Treatment Plan

  Many of you AIP’ers may know Christa Gowen from her Instagram page _bunchofbeets_  or her website Inside Out Healing. I was incredibly touched by her story of how she used Love as part of her healing. As you read her story, you may notice how Christa speaks of the decrease in her symptoms. She did not abandon diet, supplements or practitioners, she just added…

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A Story About My Loving

“Your relationship to your circumstances either frees you or keeps you in chains”. That was a central theme of my last in my last post You Don’t Have to Be An Autoimmune Warrior. That philosophy can hold true for any situation really. Addressing the relationship you have to your disease can change life in an instant (and that includes your body). Here is an example…

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5 Ways To Reframe The Role Of Illness In Your Life

Your Relationship To Your Illness is The Cure Ultimately, the relationship with our life is the cure. I suggest loving as the path to resolve illness because it is the most direct way to uncover the wisdom that illness is trying to bring you. Illness is here to provide a cue to look at your life and resolve what is blocking wholeness. Illness is a…

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Falling In Love With Yourself and My Favorite Things List

Valentine’s Day is one of those days that can be tough for some. It has the power to reflect back to you what you think you don’t have in relationships just like a disease does. Disease can seem like it is reflecting back to you the lack of health. And those two scenarios are powerful and both are opportunities to shift your perspective. I actually…

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Chicago! AIP & The Loving Diet Workshop Feb 21st 2015

  How do we make our life work for us instead of against us? Could the entire nature of disease actually be a gift? Could joy and abundance be yours in unlimited amounts despite the presence of illness? Could there be messages in your struggle that are stepping stones to joy? What is the role of forgiveness and held beliefs in relation to disease? How…

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Why I don’t do New Years Resolutions

      Yes, 2015 is here. And so are the constant stream of New Years Resolutions. I don’t believe in resolutions however,  because they set up the idea that something needs fixing. Your behavior, your life, your skills, your approach, your diet, your health…may need fixing, so resolve to solve the problem, right? In my  loving-everything  playbook, that is moving farther away from joy…

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