Be As Radical In Your Forgiving As You Are In Your Loving

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Forgiveness and loving are the foundations of health, abundance and joy. Both are intertwined with one another for our benefit, and both are the basis of health. When we foster these tools life meets us differently, and I believe that includes our health. Often when individuals take steps to include loving into their healing plan, new avenues of healing appear (like the right practitioners or different supplement protocols we had not previous known about). So instead of focusing on diet alone, I am encouraging you to take a broader approach and use what is already present and inside of you currently as a springboard for change.

In the next few months, I will be launching my workshop for The Loving Diet. This is a half-day workshop in Northern California that will focus on how to make illness work for you. What I love about this program, is that is starts at the place you are presently at. And, because the AIP Diet is a tool for making illness work for you, parts of it will be included in the workshop. This workshop is rooted in the idea that we can love our illnesses to increase health, and how increasing love for ourselves and our life has the potential to positively impact our health. The overall theme of the workshop will be bigger, broader and more far-reaching than the AIP diet (or any diet for that matter) alone. Here are some of the big themes that will be covered at the workshop:

1. the role of forgiveness and its instant and dramatic impact it can have on our health

2. letting go of held beliefs that can be big participants in how disease settles in the body

3. using active loving techniques that change how illness is held in the body

4. how to switch your illness to being an ally in your life rather than an enemy

5. we will discuss how autoimmune disease has the ability to transform our lives for the better

This kind of workshop is for those who are ready to take a new approach working with illness. It is an approach that you are in charge of. You decide how far you want to take your healing, forgiving and love. I have seen working with clients all over the world already with this approach,  that it is powerful.  It also does not conflict with any belief systems or religions since all the work is done from shifting your own perspective about health, healing and love. I have found this work fits well with those who have “tried everything” or “been to so many doctors” or “don’t like how they feel inside” or “tired of fighting being sick” or “been on the AIP diet and still don’t feel well”.

If you are interested in being put on the interest list for this, please email me your name and contact information:

And if you don’t live in Northern California, and are interested in having a workshop like this near you, let me know! I will be coordinating these workshops in the future around the country.


  1. Amy

    Yes! All of this and more. Behind medicine, protocols, and diet, there is a deep spiritual shift and healing that can take place through chronic illness. I believe it must take place to actually heal. Thank you for this!

    • Jessica

      Hi Amy! And wonderful of you to be open to the possibility of this perspective for yourself too. I totally agree! xo -jessica

  2. Evelyn

    I hope you will host an event like this in Southern California! I am soooo tempted to snag a last-minute spot for your workshop later this month, but I don’t think I can swing it. Pretty please, will you consider coming down to SoCal, in the future? 🙂

    • Jessica

      Evelyn! Would just absolutely love to have you here in norcal in a few weeks! But yes, I will be coming down there! xxoo-jessica


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