Jesssica Flanigan

My name is Jessica, nice to meet you!

I help my clients — individuals and practitioners — swim in the deep end to heal, identifying and resolving beliefs in self that have manifested themselves in the body as physical illness.

My practice, which uniquely blends research-based clinical nutrition with a heart-centered approach to health, reframes illness as a blessing, not a curse, and part of the road toward wholeness. For both individual clients and training practitioners, then, I provide a deeper, far more personal path to physical, spiritual, and emotional healing than delivered by typical template-driven approaches.

Drawing on my almost 25 years of clinical nutrition experience and 15 years of spiritual training with Dr. Robert Waterman, I’m able to meet clients where they are in their journeys. This is essential, as most clients find me after having struggled for years with complex health issues — and having seen a range of western medicine doctors, functional medicine practitioners, naturopaths, and others — yet are still seeking answers.

I have a BS in Environmental Biology and attended Bastyr University Masters Degree in Nutrition program from 1994-1995. Additionally, I’m a certified Noetic Practitioner and was a Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) for many years. My book, The Loving Diet, is a spiritual roadmap through the suffering of chronic disease and offers practical ways to cooperate with your personal circumstances and health.

Everything we need to heal is inside of us right now. I offer intuitive skills, presence, and compassion to help my clients connect with their inner-healer.

This site is dedicated to all of us and our courage to believe we can do this journey. Here’s a link to my own personal story and how it relates to this work.

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