3- Week Support Group to Make Peace With Your Inner-Eater


Come join me for a transformative 3-week class to create a more cooperative relationship with your Inner-Eater. I recently developed this innovative program and am offering it this summer at a discounted price before a wider scale offering in the fall.

Who is this class for? 

Anyone who has struggled with restrictive eating or has issues with disordered eating as a result of a diet. Anyone who  has experienced an uncomfortable relationship with food and find themselves confused about how to make peace with healing without food restriction. Those who are familiar with and perhaps practice Intuitive Eating but would like to go further.  

 This class is built upon a format I created that includes 3 very effective approaches I have created specifically for this class: 

Talking/Sharing in group 

Some of the topics we will explore together: 

Who and what is your Inner-Eater?
What is the relationship you have to your Inner-Eater?

What has your Inner-Eater decided about life and healing? 

How can you support your Inner-Eater and stop fixing it?
What beliefs do you have about how to heal? 

We will meet once a week for 3 weeks as a small group via Zoom. Along with group sharing and meditations, I will share a downloadable meditation and prayer I have created for this class. Note: this is a class for any spiritual orientation. 


Zoom virtual meeting room

Cost: $180

Class 1:
July 1, 15, 22
5-7 pm PST 

Class 2:
July 2, 9, 16
5-7 pm PST 

*I am offering 2 classes and a limit of 6 participants per class*

If you are interested, please message me directly: info@aiplifestyle.com


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