Jessica Flanigan
Jessica Flanigan

Finding answers through functional and clinical nutrition. Healing through spiritual coaching.

Do you want your illness to work for you, not against you?
Discover my 10 tips for using illness as a path of transformation.


Nutritional Coaching

Individual appointments focused on helping heal without restriction, using advanced functional nutrition testing and novel microbiome restoration techniques.


Spiritual Coaching

Individual appointments aimed at reshaping belief systems to move forward through Noetic Balancing.


Transformational Eating

Harness the power of your own compassion to heal the relationship you have with food in my 6-week online support group.

Are you wanting to recover from the emotionally debilitating Autoimmune Paleo Diet Culture?

Have you been diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease?

If so, you might have gone right to the internet to find out the quickest way to put your disease into remission and found the Autoimmune Paleo diet.

At first glance, it seemed like the cure you had never heard of and the perfect way you could take back your power and win victory over your autoimmune disease. Changing how you eat is better than a life of being on medication, right?
Maybe you decided you were ready to make the big changes in your current diet and you had nothing to lose. You read all the success stories online and most importantly, you made the decision right then and there that you are stronger than your diagnosis. You were going to show your disease the exit door one bite of food at a time.

Two months later, however, you are scared and preoccupied about eating the wrong foods, and perhaps struggling to successfully reintroduce foods, and feeling utterly exhausted. Even hopeless. If this is you, there is help and support. Click the following link for more info on my revolutionary virtual 8-week program called Transformational Eating.

Autoimmune Paleo Diet

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